(01) An Argument

(02) Kusama  

(03)  No Smoking

(04)  Girls on Tour

(05)  Teshima Ferry

(06)  Fake Food Cabinet

(07)  Western Sushi

(08)  Between Class II 

(09)  Mesh Tap

(10) Palm

(11)  Kobe 

(12)  Shimanami Kaido

(13)  3pm Standing Meeting    

(14)  Awaji Yumebutai ICC  


(15)  Seoul Umbrella 

(16)  Neon 

(17)  Piknic 

(18)  Hanging Out 

(19)  Elba Couple 


(20)  Boat to Sea


(21)  Elba Beach Scene

(22)  Umbrella I   

(23)  Umbrella II 

(24)  Umbrella III 

(25)  Umbrella IV     

(26)  Outer Inner Peace

(27)  Prada

(28)  Milano Meat Market     

(29)  Pasta x 4       


(30)  Milano Restaurant

(31)  Duomo di Milano

(32)   Piazza Maggiore

(33)  Slurp 

(34)  Jardin des Plantes

(35)   Palm Tree  

(36)   Barbican Staircase

(37)   Columbia Road Flower Market   

(38)   Between Class I

I also photograph weddings.

My style of wedding photography is intimate, elegant and modern. My approach involves capturing natural moments and subtle details that reflect the essence of you and your day, as well as the love you share with your family and friends.

Please reach out if you would like to discuss photographing your wedding.


Initial meeting
We will have a relaxed catch-up early on (usually over a coffee or wine), to discuss your style and so I can understand what is important to you. We can chat about the process and relevant details, such as the venue and whether you would prefer film or digital.

Closer to the wedding (usually six weeks out, or whenever suits you), we will confirm finer details and logistics, including the guestlist and run-sheet. 

Wedding day
I will have everything I need, so I can get to work while you focus on celebrating your day and loved ones. I prefer to be as unobtrusive as possible, but am comfortable directing you (and anyone else) for any requested photographs. I will also pull you both away for a quiet moment, usually just before sunset, to take some portraits.

After developing and editing the photos, I will send them to you, usually within three weeks (if not sooner). I will also send over a selection of my favourite photos the next day, so you have something special to share in the meantime.

Packages are available for the following:

- Couple portraits: often for a special occassion or in preparation for something else, for two hours.

- Engagements: whether intimate, ad hoc or a party, charged per hour.

- Elopements: for smaller ceremonies (10 people or less), usually half a day.

- Weddings: packages start at six hours and then per additional hour. I can photograph the entire event from start to finish, including ‘getting ready’ photos and recoveries.

Finer things:

- Travel: if outside Melbourne (usually 85 km), there is a $100 per hour travel fee.

- Deposit: if we are ready to confirm (wahoo), a deposit is needed, with the remainder due two weeks prior to the wedding.

- Film: I enjoy shooting film (in addition to digital), and can discuss this with you.

- Files: will be made available via an online link, also accessible to friends and family.

- Number of photos: this depends on a few factors, but you can typically expect ~100 photos for each hour.

- Turnaround: around three weeks, often less. I will send some of my favourite photos for you to share the next day.  

Alex & Nicola (Melbourne Registry Office, Fitzroy Gardens)

Tom & Stacey (Fairhaven SLSC)