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(01) Bialetti
(02) Punta Bianca
(03) Fratelli Burgio
(04) Cala Capreria
(05) Ortigia
(06) Filicudi
(07) Scilla
(08) Salina

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Ella’s 30th

Tom shoots people, parties and property, for commercial and creative clients, both big and small. 

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House of Darwin

Dani’s Home—Castlemaine

Bar Magnolia

Alice’s Family

Inner Varnika—2023

Evie Cahir

Nice Film Co—Anemoia Studio

Kitschen Boy

Jules Vleugel

Australian Tapestry Workshop—Tapestry Design Prize for Architects


Tracey’s Family

Buller Wines

Basis Builders x Flack Studio—Lynedoch Ave

Space Cast

Quiet Time

Kristy’s Airbnb

Base Cabin

Bar Midland

Dani Marano x Bachli Furniture

NON x Delli Market

Frank Wild—Australian Open

Chomley—Abottsford Convent

Moniker Festival

Cam’s Kiosk

Daybreak Festival

Ellie's Home—Harcourt


Inner Varnika 2022


Tom Hvala’s photographs invite you to experience Seoul in disparate moments. Join him as he spends seven days exploring hard-to-find bars and record shops, disorderly markets, contemporary galleries and drinking with well-traveled locals.

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Tiny Home Caramel is nestled in its own pocket of the Australian wilderness. Sitting out on the deck, it took only moments for kookaburras to arrive and inspect what we were up to. The tiny home itself has everything you need to unwind; a fully equipped kitchen, plenty of tea and coffee, candles and extra wine glasses. This was our first stay in a tiny home, and it was pleasing how comfortable it felt – intimate but spacious.

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Kitschen Boy

Situation Dining