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(01) An Argument

(02) Kusama  

(03)  No Smoking

(04)  Girls on Tour

(05)  Teshima Ferry

(06)  Fake Food Cabinet

(07)  Western Sushi

(08)  Between Class II 

(09)  Mesh Tap

(10) Palm

(11)  Kobe 

(12)  Shimanami Kaido

(13)  3pm Standing Meeting    

(14)  Awaji Yumebutai ICC  


(15)  Seoul Umbrella 

(16)  Neon 

(17)  Piknic 

(18)  Hanging Out 

(19)  Elba Couple 


(20)  Boat to Sea


(21)  Elba Beach Scene

(22)  Umbrella I   

(23)  Umbrella II 

(24)  Umbrella III 

(25)  Umbrella IV     

(26)  Outer Inner Peace

(27)  Prada

(28)  Milano Meat Market     

(29)  Pasta x 4       


(30)  Milano Restaurant

(31)  Duomo di Milano

(32)   Piazza Maggiore

(33)  Slurp 

(34)  Jardin des Plantes

(35)   Palm Tree  

(36)   Barbican Staircase

(37)   Columbia Road Flower Market   

(38)   Between Class I

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Tom Hvala is a photographer based in Naarm (Melbourne), Australia.

With a background in film photography, he aims to capture moments of quiet contemplation. Adopting a particular focus on framing and colour, his work elicits liveliness and intimacy, whether working with film or digital formats.

My portrait was taken by Ben Buratto.
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Awards / Exhibitions / Articles

︎’Postcards from Afar’ at Stylecraft, Flinders Lane / Woolloomooloo, by Tom Hvala (2021)

︎Modern Times Best Architectural Work, CCP Salon (2021)

︎’10/10’ at Sckr, by Tom Hvala and Matthew Shaw (2019)

︎’A Week in Seoul’ by Tom Hvala, Urth Magazine (2019)

︎’A Lonely Time at Good Times’ by Tom Hvala (2019)

︎Sun Studios Excellence in Colour, CCP Salon (2017)

Print process

1. Select your prints and check out. Leave a note for any specific requests, like framing, mat or full bleed border, or picking up.

2. All negatives and prints are developed using Melbourne businesses. I use Hahnemühle Photo Rag, printed by a professional printer.

3. I have some framed stock, however I can also arrange for framing upon request. I use Frames Readymade (often full bleed, in Vic Ash) in Brunswick. Framing is only available for Melbourne clients. 

4. Orders will be printed and usually received within 1.5 weeks, longer if shipped.

5. If in Melbourne, pick up / drop off can be arranged.